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Harbor Management Commission Minutes 09/10/2013
Minutes of a Meeting of
The Old Lyme Harbor Management Commission
September 10, 2013

Members present Bob Doyen, Bob Falaguerra, Ned Farman, Bill Harris, Mike Mackey, Mike Magee, Tom Meyer, Mike Moran, Harry Plaut, and Steven Ross.
Absent – Dave Frederiks.
Guests: Keith Nielson, Curt Rasmussen.

A quorum being present, Chairman Ross called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.

Clerk’s Report
The minutes of the previous meeting were reviewed and accepted as submitted.

Steven Ross noted that there had been one piece of correspondence from Docko, Inc. concerning a DEEP COP application for Robin Sedgwick on Ferry Road. Commission has discussed this issue in the past and will review the application.

Treasurer’s Report
Bill Harris presented the Treasurer’s report, which was accepted for audit.  A copy of the report is on file with the minutes.

Motion made by Harry Plaut seconded by Bob Doyen to add an item and place it now on the agenda.  Motion passed unanimously.

Presentation by Keith Nielson of Docko, Inc.
Keith Nielson presented documents regarding groin extensions and measures to reduce erosion issues at Hawks Nest Beach. His firm is looking to submit permit application documents to DEEP immediately. Sue Bailey has had the drawings and pre-application for review for 6-8 weeks and hasn’t been able to finish her review of them. Keith has her permission to proceed with consultation forms immediately and present them to HMC tonight. He gave the Commission the consultation form and pre-application questionnaire which has project information and he would appreciate HMC support of the project. Discussion followed regarding the impact of this project on nearby communities as well as the materials to be used. Motion made by Harry Plaut seconded by Tom Meyer that the applicant will notify the three adjoining beaches to the east affected by issues described and recommend that stone scour protection would be placed alongside the wood groins. Motion passed unanimously. Steven Ross noted that the HMC comments regarding materials used are strong recommendations only.

Member Appointments
Steven Ross introduced Curtis Rasmussen who is a guest tonight and will be appointed to the HMC as an Alternate Member at the September 16 Board of Selectmen Regular Meeting.  

Pilgrim Landing
Mike Magee noted no major changes at Pilgrim Landing.

Dinghy Dock
Mike Moran reported that the dinghy dock is fine except for garbage that is being left at the area. Mike will have signage made for the site.  

Potential Public Access Site—West bank of Lt. River
Phase 2- Foot bridge across Lt. River-on hold.
Phase 3- Dock application       
After the June meeting, Steven Ross sent another email to Susan Bailey asking for her comments on the proposal to add a ramp adjacent to the bridge abutment as a COP. He followed with several more emails during the summer plus an email and phone call yesterday. An email response received today said, “It shouldn’t be a problem. I will talk to Brian Thompson when he returns from vacation”.  After discussion regarding the communication, Steven will contact Susan again and press for a response.

Harbor Master
Mike Moran reported that it was a confusing year for mooring permits—getting inspection reports but no permit vs. getting the permit and no inspection report. He has received payment but not the paperwork for Frank Maratta’s six permits, either inspection reports or permits. Harry Plaut has attempted to communicate with Frank for the last two weeks but Harry has completed the inspections for Maratta’s moorings which he will get to the Harbor Master.  Mike noted other areas of unpermitted moorings near Miami and Hawks Nest Beaches. Discussion followed.  Motion made by Steven Ross seconded by that the HMC approve pulling any moorings identified by the Harbor Master as owner unknown and unpaid or unpermitted as soon after September 30 as possible. The fee will be $125 for doing hauling to be reimbursed before the tackle is returned to the owner. They will also be subject to payment of the $25 2013 permit fee and a $75 fine. Upon payment of those fees, they can have their mooring returned.  Members discussed putting the unclaimed moorings up for sale in the spring.  Harry Plaut will store the moorings until then at no charge to HMC.

Dredging Study
Ned Farman gave an update on the Navigable Waterways Study involving the Four Mile River and the Black Hall River. 1.7 has been completed with disposal options and summary of the results of Phase One.
Task 1.8 continues to make slow progress. Board of Selectmen on August 5 approved spending ~$64,000 to continue with Phases 2 & 3. The contract with Coastline Consulting has been signed by the First Selectwoman for these phases. An email from the project manager indicated that 2.1 has been completed which includes sampling the organisms in Four Mile River. They will continue the sampling in the Black Hall River. Harry Plaut noted the Board of Selectmen’s appreciation of the handling of this project by the HMC, especially Ned Farman and Steven Ross.

LIS beacons for OL river approaches, work with USCG
Steven Ross reported on Ned Farman’s idea to place markers to delineate the entry from Long Island Sound into Old Lyme Rivers, the Black Hall River in particular. Steven asked for person or persons take this on as a project which is not time sensitive but does involve contact with USCG who is amenable to doing this work. The project would determine desired locations and get involved with the USCG process. Ned has contact information for Scott Brown, Port Security Specialist. Harry Plaut and Tom Meyer volunteered to begin work on this project.

Dock Applications and DEEP Violations
None this month.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:17 PM.

Submitted by:
Janet S. Cody, Clerk

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