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Harbor Management Commission Minutes 06/14/2011
Minutes of a Meeting of
The Old Lyme Harbor Management Commission
June 14, 2011

Members presentNed Farman, Dave Frederiks, Bill Harris, Mike Mackey, Mike Magee, Mike Moran, Harry Plaut, Steve Ross, Dave Zita.
Alternates present – Robert Falaguerra
Absent – Charlie Delinks, Bob Doyen.
Guest—Keith Nielson, Docko, Inc.

A quorum being present, Chairman Ross called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.

Clerk’s Report
The minutes of the previous meeting were reviewed and accepted as submitted.

Steve Ross received correspondence that is addressed later under New Business, Dock Applications.

Treasurer’s Report
Bill Harris presented the Treasurer’s report, which was accepted for audit.  A copy of the report is on file with the minutes.

Member Appointments
Steve Ross noted that there remain two vacant Alternate Member positions.

Pilgrim Landing/Town Mooring
Mike Magee reported that the subcommittee has not completed any work on the proposed ramp and dock. He noted that the Landing is looking clean and receiving use although not to maximum capacity. He has pulled weeds at the site but will monitor the weeds that are growing under the racks.

Dinghy Dock
Mike Mackey reported that the dinghy dock has been assembled and installed but that it needs some maintenance. Mike Moran stated that some of the boards on the dock have popped up but he plans to repair them  with the appropriate screws with the help of Mike Magee’s equipment this Thursday.

Potential Public Access Site—East bank of Lt. River
Harry Plaut and Mike Magee presented members with their completed concept plan, photos and drawings. They noted the areas of the Fire Department access, public parking, and ramp with floater and kayak access. Members discussed ADA requirements for the area as well as the use of concrete picnic tables. Steve Ross stated that the proposal will need permitting from the DEP for the dock and he will arrange a meeting with the subcommittee and DEP.  Mike Magee will have Bob Doyen review the proposal with the Fire Department.  The project will be proposed to the Selectmen following the meeting with DEP.

Motion made by Harry Plaut seconded by Dave Zita to amend the agenda to advance to the item of Dock Applications. Motion passed unanimously.

Dock Applications
Steve Ross introduced Keith Nielson of Docko, Inc. who presented plans for Cathleen Keogh at 21 Ferry Rd. who has an application for COP on an existing ramp and dock that is not permitted. Keith noted that DEP is requiring that the current dock be raised from 1 ft. to 4 ft. high which would then require railings per OSHA.  Discussion followed regarding bringing an existing dock into conformance but in doing so it makes an invisible dock become visible.  Keith will write a letter to the DEP (copied to HMC) that he attended the Old Lyme HMC meeting and that members noted the following modifications: that the new float will be polystyrene encased in polyethylene; floating dock pilings will be a maximum 8 ft. above mean high water; the deck shall not be raised and the deck material will be thru flow. Steve Ross will call Sue Bailey and communicate the Commission’s views and concerns. If necessary, he will then compose a letter to DEP.

Great Island Boat Launch Proposal to DEP
Steve Ross met at the Great Island Boat Launch with Michael Payton who oversees the State boat launches.  After discussion, Michael agreed to place two iron posts into the ground just above the high water, marked with a sign “tie-up posts”.  Discussion followed regarding the use of the posts.

Harbor Master
Steve Ross noted that members should have received by email the 2010 mooring report that Mike Moran successfully completed.
Mike Moran and Mike Mackey noted that they presently have computerized mooring records on Mike Moran’s computer and that they would only like to transfer them to Mike Mackey’s computer to facilitate mailings, etc.
 Mike Moran reported that he is still receiving moorings applications. He has spoken with Old Lyme Marina and will check if their mooring permits have been paid prior to the end of the month.
Mike Moran stated that he spoke to Ed Adante to have a finer stone placed at the end of the path to the dinghy dock so as to avoid injuries.

Harbor Management Plan
No report this month.

Ned Farman the General Assembly will not be funding the Harbor Improvement Account this year.  However, the CT Maritime Commission (CTMC) has been extremely supportive and Ned has made another presentation to them recently.  For the first time, the CTMC has generated a capital project budget and Old Lyme has made the short list.  Additionally, in the DOT process, they have increased the HMC’s request from $30,000 to $50,000 for surveying/testing of Four Mile River/Black Hall River. Ned will attend CTMC meeting tomorrow and update members next month.

DEP Violations
Steve Ross received a citizen report about a new dock and walkway on Black Hall River, east bank below the railroad. The complaint was forwarded to DEP.

Police Boat
Mike Moran was at the Town garage and saw that they had pulled the police boat out.  The boat is being evaluated for outfitting pending funding.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:25 PM.

Submitted by:
Janet S. Cody, Clerk