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Harbor Management Commission Minutes 03/08/2011
Minutes of a Meeting of
The Old Lyme Harbor Management Commission
March 8, 2011

Members present Charlie Delinks, Ned Farman, Dave Frederiks, Bill Harris, Mike Mackey, Mike Magee, Steve Ross.
Alternates present –Harry Plaut.
Absent –Bob Doyen, Robert Falaguerra, Mike Moran, Jon Mittelman, Dave Zita.

A quorum being present, Chairman Ross called the meeting to order at 7:08 PM.

Clerk’s Report
The minutes of the previous meeting were reviewed and accepted as submitted.

Steve Ross received a letter today from the First Selectmen indicating that on March 1, 2011 the Board of Finance tentatively approved $850 for the HMC. The approved amount may be modified by the Board of Finance and the entire budget must be approved at the Town Meeting.
Steve reported that he had received from RFP Engineering a copy of the form that the HMC completed and signed for them at last month’s meeting regarding their application for Point O’ Woods parking lot improvements.
Steve also received an email from Point O’ Woods regarding their swim line floats which he forwarded to Mike Moran.

Treasurer’s Report
Steve Ross reported for Jon Mittelman that the Treasurer’s report was the same as last month’s with the exception of interest which was $2.80 for this month.
Steve notified members that he had received Jon’s letter of resignation. Motion made by Dave Frederiks and seconded by Ned Farman to accept Jon Mittelman’s resignation as Treasurer. Motion passed unanimously.  Motion made by Ned Farman and seconded by Mike Magee to elect Bill Harris as Treasurer. Motion passed unanimously. Bill and Jon will meet in the near future to exchange Treasurer materials.

Member Appointments
Steve Ross asked members to continue to seek two more people to fill the two Alternate Member vacancies.

Pilgrim Landing/Town Mooring
Mike Magee reported that he had visited Pilgrim Landing recently and considers maintaining the area with gravel to be a better choice than paving. Steve Ross suggested contacting Ed Adante at Public Works when gravel is needed.  Mike thinks that the floating dock should still be considered. Cleanup of the Landing will be evaluated when warmer weather returns. Dave Frederiks said he was considering dragging the markers and painting them.

Dinghy Dock
Mike Mackey reported that there is no change.

Potential Public Access Site—East bank of Lt. River
Steve Ross reported that he received and forwarded to all HMC members an inadequate reply to his letter to DEP from Suzanne Barkyoumb, Land Management Division, regarding the potential public access site on the east bank of the Lt. River.  Steve emailed her back and explicitly stated that the HMC letter~was to~request that DEP develop the site for public access. If DEP does not have the resources to do so, then HMC requests that the land be transferred to the Town of Old Lyme to do so. He indicated to Ms. Barkyoumb that the HMC will be glad to develop a detailed plan~if the State of CT can not, or will not, develop the site and agrees that the transfer will be made under the condition that the Town develop the site according to a mutually agreed plan. Members discussed the proposal and Steve will call to speak to Ms. Barkyoumb regarding their ideas. Harry Plaut and Mike Magee will work on the conceptual plan for the site which could be sent to the Land Management Division’s meeting on March 17th.

Computerized Mooring Records/Mooring Report 2010
Mike Mackey reported that Mike Moran currently uses a spreadsheet with all the mooring permit information.  Mike Mackey uses QuickBooks software which can complete the permit application for the mooring holder who can then just sign and return with their fee.  Members discussed using the mooring applications to obtain GPS mooring locations on an optional basis.  Charlie Delinks offered to help Mike Moran and Mike Mackey to import the information from one program to the QuickBooks program.
Mike Mackey will remind Mike Moran to send the 2010 Mooring Report that he presented at the February meeting to the clerk to send out to all members.
Discussion followed regarding State swim line moorings and raft moorings. Steve Ross suggested that this be a new business item at next month’s meeting. In the meantime, Harry Plaut will find the link to the State regulations for swim lines and raft moorings and email to the clerk to forward to all members to read prior to next month’s meeting.

Harbor Master
Mike Mackey said that Mike Moran has mailed out the mooring applications to all current mooring holders. Some of the completed applications have already been received.

Harbor Management Plan
Charlie Delinks reported that the HM Plan formatting is 93% complete.

Ned Farman gave an overview of his efforts for the shoaling project. The draft letter to be sent by Town Selectmen to the State to request funds was received by the Selectmen but they have not yet responded. Cathy Frank will let Ned know shortly if the letter was approved.

Dock Applications and DEP Violations
None received this month.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:05 PM.

Submitted by:
Janet S. Cody, Clerk

52 Lyme St, Old Lyme, CT 06371  (860) 434-1605

Town Hall Hours  Monday - Friday: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM