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Harbor Management Commission Minutes 07/08/2008
Minutes of a Meeting of
The Old Lyme Harbor Management Commission
July 8, 2008

Members present Charlie Delinks, Bob Doyen, Brad Ficken, Mike Mackey, Mike Magee, Jon Mittelman, Mike Moran, Mark Rohrberg, Steve Ross, Dave Zita.
Alternates present –Ned Farman, Tom Kahrl, Bill Harris.
Absent –Dave Frederiks.

A quorum being present, Chairman Delinks called the meeting to order at 7:30 PM.

Clerk’s Report
The minutes of the previous meeting were reviewed and accepted as amended: “Charlie Delinks” was changed to “Brad Ficken” under the Pilgrim Landing topic’s second motion.

Treasurer’s Report
Jon Mittelman presented the Treasurer’s reports for June and July, which were accepted for audit as amended in the July report: “dinghy dock sign” was changed to “dinghy rack sign”.  Copies of the reports are on file with the minutes.

Member Appointments
No action required at this time.

80-1 Lyme St./Boro
No new developments this month.

Pilgrim Landing
Charlie Delinks reported that Zoning Enforcement Officer, Ann Brown, had received the photo and sketch and approved the placement of pea stone at Pilgrim Landing.  Old Lyme Public Works (OLPW) plans to place the stone by the end of next week.  Brad Ficken asked Charlie Delinks to ask OLPW if prior to distributing the gravel that they would remove weeds around the sign as well as anywhere else the gravel will be placed.  Brad noted that there are a couple of boats that are in violation of the ten foot length in the dinghy rack. Mike Moran will place violation stickers on them.  After discussion, it was decided that Brad will place markers made of cinderblock and plastic bottles to mark the rocks and logs that are in dangerous spots in the launch area.

Town Mooring
Mike Moran reported that the Town Mooring located near Calves Island is installed and has been receiving use.  Steve Ross will write articles about the moorings and place in Lymeline and Old Lyme Events as well as on the Town’s website.

Dinghy Dock
Mike Mackey pulled up the boards and installed cleats at the dinghy dock. Mike Moran noted that roller cleats need to be put back into the dock. Mike Moran will order them from Kellogg Marine and install them.  After discussion, members approved that Mike Moran could grant a town resident use of the dinghy dock for the weekend.

Smith Neck Rd. Landing Launch
Tom Kahrl reported his observations of the use of the Smith Neck Rd. Landing Launch by North Cove Outfitters last weekend.  He observed that after 18 kayaks had been deposited, there was little room left on the ramp area for boat launching.  Mike Magee reported that he had not spoken to Eleanor Mariani.  Bob Doyen stated that he had spoken in person to a DEP representative about the use by kayakers at the launch area.  After discussion, members authorized Steve Ross to send a letter to Eleanor Mariani at the DEP noting the complaints that the Commission had received.

DEP Letter to remove Landings from DEP list
After discussion, it was decided that Steve Ross will write a letter to the DEP to remove the Town Landings from the DEP’s Boater’s Guide.

Ethics Forms
Dave Zita and Dave Frederiks are the only remaining members to complete the Ethics Form for the Town.

Harbor Master
Mike Moran followed up on a complaint by a Point of Woods resident regarding a beach rope line. He found that it was not impeding anything and reported his findings to Carlos Esguerra in Hartford who then spoke to the resident. Mike reported that Frank Marrata, owner of the Pavilion at Sound View Beach had six moorings without permits.  The moorings were pulled and Mr. Marrata was fined $60 for each mooring as well as a $70 pulling fee for each mooring. The fines will be collected by the person replacing the moorings at the end of the week.  Mike also reported that he will be collecting mooring permits from Old Lyme Fuel Dock and Old Lyme Marina this week.  

Dock Standards
No new developments as members have been unable to schedule a meeting due to vacation and work schedules.

Future Locations for Projects
Steve Ross noted that a resident had requested whether a bench could be placed at the Town Landing. Discussion followed about placing benches at Tantummaheag Landing, Pilgrim Landing and Town Landing especially in regards to HMC jurisdiction.  Motion made by Brad Ficken seconded by Steve Ross for Charlie Delinks to speak with Tim Griswold as to whether HMC can place benches at the landings .  Motion passed unanimously.

Harbor Management Plan
No report until September.

Dredging Machine Plan
Charlie Delinks reported that he had not received any return calls regarding the dredging. He plans to call Mr. Denoya for further information.

Dock Applications
DEP gave permission for the tread and track plates to be replaced on the rolling span section of the Amtrak railroad bridge.  
Steve Ross will write a letter to OLISP to replace Norman Hewitt with Charles Delinks on their mailing list.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:36 PM.

Submitted by:
Janet S. Cody, Clerk