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Harbor Management Commission Minutes 06/10/2008
Minutes of a Meeting of
The Old Lyme Harbor Management Commission
June 10, 2008

Members present Charlie Delinks, Bob Doyen, Brad Ficken, Dave Frederiks, Mike Mackey, Mike Magee, Jon Mittelman, Steve Ross, Dave Zita.
Alternates present –Ned Farman, Tom Kahrl, Bill Harris.
Absent – Mike Moran, Mark Rohrberg.

A quorum being present, Chairman Delinks called the meeting to order at 7:35 PM. He thanked members for the very good attendance turnout at the recent meetings and then introduced the guest, Barb Shriver, to the members.

Clerk’s Report
The minutes of the previous meeting were reviewed and accepted as submitted.

Treasurer’s Report
Jon Mittelman stated that he had received no monthly statements and would send out a monthly Treasurer’s report by email to members upon receipt of information.  He noted that he and Charlie Delinks had signed bank paperwork to be signatories on the checkbook so that expenditures would be controlled through the Harbor Management Commission.

Member Appointments
No action required at this time.

80-1 Lyme St./Boro
No new developments this month.

Pilgrim Landing
Charlie Delinks noted that the photos of last month’s work party on the dinghy rack are posted on the home page of the Town of Old Lyme website.  He reported that Public Works will place pea stone or gravel at Pilgrim Landing upon approval by ZEO Ann Brown who needs only a photo of the site and a sketch of where the stone would be placed. Jon Mittelman volunteered to take the photo June 11 and Mike Magee will provide a sketch.
Steve Ross reported that the sign is up on the dinghy rack. Jon Mittelman provided the plywood.  Charlie Delinks thanked the two members for their work.
Barb Shriver noted that her mailbox near Pilgrim Landing had been damaged many times by people using the area. However, this has only occurred since the mailbox was moved from Rt 156 to the present spot.   After discussion of how to alleviate the problem, Mrs. Shriver agreed that she and her husband will relocate the mailbox closer to their driveway.
Mrs. Shriver also noted that trailers are being parked at the Landing. Motion made by Steve Ross seconded by Mike Magee to purchase and install a sign reading “No trailer parking”.  Motion passed unanimously.  Motion made by Charlie Delinks seconded by Dave Frederiks for Steve Ross to purchase and bill to HMC a sign not to exceed $65 to be placed on the metal post located at the Landing.  Motion passed unanimously.

Dinghy Dock
Mike Mackey reported that he and Mike Moran will be working on the dinghy dock’s cleats in the next two weeks.

Harbor Master
Mike Mackey reported for Mike Moran that mooring applications are still being received. There has been no further development in the Soundview situation.  

Dock Standards
Steve Ross reported that since the meeting with David Blatt and Marci Balint, they had not been able to schedule a meeting with the permitting section of the DEP.  He thought that a fair number of discrepancies have been resolved. The enforcement aspects will be by ordinance since it appears that the HMC is not authorized by statute with those powers under the Harbor Management Act.  There has been some email communications and drafts of ordinances.  He hopes that the next meeting will occur some time in the next month.

Future Locations for Projects
Mike Mackey presented results of his research regarding mooring tackle systems for the sites north of Calves Island. He recommended purchasing new tackle due to liability and reported that a 500 lb. system would cost $1,400 and an 800 lb. system $2,000.  Motion made by Steve Ross seconded by Bob Doyen to authorize the purchase of two 800 lb. mooring systems not to exceed $4500 with location to be determined by the Harbor Master north of Calves Island. After discussion, members decided to have a trial evaluation with one mooring before placing a second mooring.  Motion made by Steve Ross seconded by Bob Doyen to amend the previous motion to only one 800 lb. mooring system.  Motion passed unanimously.  Members agreed that a sticker on the mooring ball should read “Town of OL 2 night maximum stay”.  Mrs. Shriver stated that she could donate two large mooring balls.  Mike Mackey will purchase and install the systems.  Charlie Delinks thanked Mike for his work on this project.

Harbor Management Plan
Dave Zita reported that he is expecting to have something for the September meeting.

Dredging Machine Plan
Charlie Delinks left several messages with the Town of Old Saybrook Harbor Master and Chairman regarding dredging machine progress but had received no responses.  

Dock Applications and Violations
None received this month.

Smith Neck Rd. Landing Launch
Mike Magee reported on the problem of kayaks taking up more time and space than necessary when launching at the Smith Neck Rd. Landing ramp.  After discussion, it was decided that Mike Magee will contact Eleanor Mariani, at DEP Maritime Headquarters to request a modification or enlargement of the access for kayaks. He could also mention the use of the launch area by North Cove Outfitters in a matter that makes it impossible for others to use it at the same time.
DEP Letter
Brad Ficken brought up a suggestion for the HMC to write a letter to the DEP requesting that the Tantummaheag Landing, Town Landing and Pilgrim Landing sites be removed from their booklet.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:37 PM.

Submitted by:
Janet S. Cody, Clerk

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