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Harbor Management Commission Minutes 07/11/2006
*7:30 p.m.

Next meeting of the Harbor Management Commission.

R.S.V.P. Chairman DeLinks, 434-7667, or

if you can not attend

Meetings are the second Tuesday of the month. No August or December meetings.

Schedule for 2006
October 10th
November 14th

* This time may change depending on a guest speaker’s      availability. You’ll be notified.
Minutes of a meeting of
The Old Lyme Harbor Management Commission
Held on July 11, 2006

Charles DeLinks
Robert Doyen
Vice Chair       
Steve Ross
Anthony Licitra
Norman Hewitt
Michael Mackey
Michael Magee
Michael Moran
David Zita
Alternate people
Date appointed
Jon Mittelman
Feb. ‘06
Brad Ficken, Harbor Master
A quorum being present Chairman DeLinks called the meeting to order at 7:40 p.m.


The Minutes of the previous meeting were reviewed and accepted without change.

Treasurer Licitra presented the attached report for audit.


Dock Standards
Steve Ross was absent hence there was no report.

Patrol Boat

Chairman DeLinks passed around a list of dates when patrols are to be made. He asked members to sign up to assist the town’s constables on those patrols. He’ll also e-mail all commissioners a copy of the schedule so members can check on their availability for open days.

The boat is in the water and needs to be taken to the Between the Bridges for bottom painting.

Since a number of town agencies are involved in the use and maintenance of the boat, there has been some miscommunication on who is to do or is doing what. To coordinate all the efforts, it was suggested that a single person become a responsible for leading these efforts. Mike Mackey volunteered hence became the lead man.

To clarify with the D.E.P. the town’s position on its exercise of the rights granted by the D.E.P. to the town for the use of dock space, Norman Hewitt will gather whatever evidence is available and write the D.E.P. to reaffirm those rights.

Harbor Improvements

Dinghy Dock

Mike Moran reported that the town’s public works department had done some work in cleaning up the sire.
Town Landing
Steve was absent so there was no report.
        Pilgrims Landing
Brad is to speak to John Roach at Public Works for them to erect the signs and to do some clean up.

        Academy Lane
Charlie continues to explore with the Selectmen and others the status of title to this site.
        Other sites for improvements
        Dave Zita and Mike Moran are continuously reviewing other sites.

Work of Other Commission
Mike Mackey has not been able to make contact with former commissioner Mark Yuknat regarding LISA. He’ll continue his efforts.

Updating of the Harbor Management Plan

Charlie and Jon are continuing there efforts on scanning the plan. Once scanned, the resultant cd will be sent to Dave Zita so he can initiate a full review and edit. All commissioners are to send Dave their comments.

Connecticut Coastal Management Plan
And Hurricane Preparedness Planning

Jon reported that Old Lyme Dock Company and Black Hall Marina will empty their property in the event of a Hurricane while Old Lyme Marina will attempt to increase the size of their mooring pennant and the weight of the anchors used. Dave and Jon are to draft a letter for mailing to all permit holders asking that they develop their own Hurricane Preparedness Plan. The letter will suggest that boat owners reference the Boat U.S. web site as it has a section dealing with ideas and recommendations on how best to prepare. Brad is to send Charlie a list of permit holders and Charlie will prepare address labels for the mailing of the letter. Jon and Dave are to contact some local newspapers and ask them to run an article about Hurricane Preparedness.
Charlie reported that he has submitted four names to the Governor’s Office as persons that could be appointed as either Harbor Master or Deputy Harbor Master.  As he’s not heard of any action taken on those appointments, he’ll call in order to push for some action. Brad will continue to do some of the Harbor Master’s work for the next few weeks.

Norman said that he had called Dave Fredericks who had expressed interest on becoming a member of the commission. Norm said that the interest is still there. Brad said that he had filed an application with the Selectmen to indicate his interest in an appointment as a commissioner. Charlie is to stay in touch with the Selectmen as to their progress on these appointments.

Charlie said that he is looking for someone to take over the clerk’s job.

D.E.P. permit application reviews

Charlie presented a permit application for a party to construct a dock on the property adjacent to that that had belonged to Sisti. On review, there were no objections.


There was no new business discussed because of time however commissioners were asked to consider:
        Putting out to bid, stewardship of moorings
        Reviewing mooring tackle, specifically the screw in type
        A change in the patrol boat and/or a smaller boat.
        Ideas to utilize various grants
        Granting mooring permits to commissioners without cost

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 9:02 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Brad Ficken, as Clerk, pro tem

52 Lyme St, Old Lyme, CT 06371  (860) 434-1605

Town Hall Hours  Monday - Friday: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM