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Minutes 06/13/06
July 11th
*7:30 p.m.

Next meeting of the Harbor Management Commission.

R.S.V.P. Chairman DeLinks, 434-7667, or

if you can not attend

Meetings are the second Tuesday of the month. No August or December meetings.

Schedule for 2006
September 12th
October 10th
November 14th

* This time may change depending on a guest speaker’s      availability. You’ll be notified.
Minutes of a meeting of
The Old Lyme Harbor Management Commission
Held on June 13, 2006

Charles DeLinks
Robert Doyen
Vice Chair       X
Steve Ross
Anthony Licitra
Norman Hewitt
Michael Mackey
Michael Magee
Michael Moran
David Zita
Alternate people
Date appointed
Jon Mittelman
Feb. ‘06
Judi Glover
Jan. ‘05
Brad Ficken, Harbor Master

Officer Zipadelli and Solari of the Old Lyme Police Department were guests.
A quorum being present Chairman DeLinks called the meeting to order at 7:35 p.m.

Chairman DeLinks introduced the guests prior to proceeding with the commission’s business in order to permit them to leave once their comments had been made. He went on to say that he was of the impression that the police had had some issues in the past in their manning of the town’s marine patrol boat. Then he received a copy of a paragraph that appeared in the Old Lyme Times about patrols being conducted on Rogers Lake, so he touched base with the Selectmen about the constables helping out with patrols in Old Lyme’s tidal waters too. After discussions with the police and the Selectmen, it was learned that there were no longer any issues that might curtail patrols. The constables were attending to show their support for re-introducing harbor patrols. By a show of hands, the commissioners also indicated that they were willing to partake in additional patrols too.


        The officers are to work up a budget and a manpower schedule

Charlie is to review and discuss the budget and schedule with both the police and the Selectmen

The Minutes of the previous meeting were reviewed and accepted without change.

Treasurer Licitra presented the following report for audit:

Harbor Management Commission
Beginning balance
 Interest Income
 Permit Fees
  Clerk's Services
Ending Balance
Marine Patrol Boat (Town appropriation)
Available funds
No transactions
Available funds (balance of appropriation)
Dinghy Dock Storage (Town appropriation)
Available funds
No transactions
Available funds (balance of appropriation)
    Expenses for the fiscal year (7/1/06-6/30/07) to date:
Harbor Management Commission
Patrol Boat
Dinghy Dock

The details of the above summary of expenses are available from the Treasurer and a copy of his report is filed in the Commission’s Minutes book. The report was accepted for audit.

Norman asked about the rate of interest the commission is being paid on its money. All agreed that it was sub-standard and needed to be addressed.

Charlie and Bob are to talk with the town personnel to see how the commission can receive a fair return on its money. If need be, the funds could be transferred from an account that is under the auspices of the town to a totally separate account.



An invoice from Marc Jewelers was submitted for the cost of additions to the plaque.

Dock Standards
Steve said that the town’s attorney had not had time to review the draft of the proposed dock standards. She said the she needed to review the State’s enabling legislation before she could comment. References to where the legislation is located in the State’s statutes had been submitted to ease her research.

Patrol Boat

Mike Mackey reported that the windows were finished being repaired, that the boat will be launched this week after the bottom painting is done. Also all safety gear has been put back aboard and detailing by Mike Montanero was completed.

There was an issue with the D.E.P. on the town’s slip. Originally, the D.E.P. denied our use of it but has since recanted. To reinforce our rights of usage, Norman said that he’d draft a letter to the D.E.P. to acknowledge their permission and further, to cement our “turf”, volunteer that the Commission is willing to provide appropriate signage indicating that the slip is made available for the town’s use. He’d circulate the draft by e-mail and solicit comments from all commissioners

Steve said he’d do an additional training session aboard the boat as soon as practical.
Harbor Improvements

Dinghy Dock

Norman reported that there was a great deal of debris along the beach which needs to be removed. Also, the brush growing around the site needs to be cut back.

Town Landing
Steve said that the sign for the Town Landing site is up and that the renovation work done by the town Department of Public Works is complete.

        Pilgrims Landing
Brad has delivered signage to Public Works for them to erect. He said he’d also asked them to clean up the site. Mike Magee said he’d looked over the dinghy racks with an eye to building additional storage. He said that he’d also found a property marker (Meir stone). He concluded that there is no room to build any additional spaces.  

        Academy Lane
Charlie got some information about the site from a neighbor but has not yet met with the resident that claims the property. Apparently there is a fire well pre-existing on the site and some letters about title to the property exist. Charlie said that the settlement of title is really a town issue, not one for the commission. Rather, the commission’s interest is in site rehab and/or improvement.

        Other sites for improvements
        Dave and Mike Moran are continuously reviewing other sites.


Charlie is to follow up with the Selectmen on the Academy Lane title status. He’ll also prod them to prod public works about cleaning up all the sites.

Tags for Moorings

Brad has mailed stickers to all who qualify and will contact others about completing the requirements for permits. Many permittees have not yet submitted their completed Report of Inspection which is the predominate reason that more stickers have not yet been given out.

Work of Other Commission
Judi was absent so there was no report from LISA. She has recently resigned, so Mike Mackey will take on her task. To find out additional info, he’s to call Judi and former commissioner Mark Yuknat who initiated the commission’s involvement in the project.

Updating of the Harbor Management Plan

Charlie and Jon have been trying new techniques to help with alignment, text recognition and other technical problems involved in copying the Harbor Management plan. Once scanned, the resultant cd will be sent to Dave Zita so he can initiate a full review and edit. All commissioners are to send Dave their comments.

Connecticut Coastal Management Plan
And Hurrican Preparedness Planning
Jon was absent so there was no report on these issues.

Judi Glover has resigned from the commission
Brad Ficken had to resign as Harbor Master. He also has to give up his Clerkship, both effective June 30th.


Charlie is to talk to the Selectmen about Dave Frederick’s possible appointment. He’s also to let them know that Brad would like to be considered for appointment.

Charlie is to write to the Governor about moving the over due appointment of Mike Moran as deputy harbormaster and requesting that he be appointed as Harbor Master instead. Charlie is to also propose Mike Mackey, Jon Mittelman and Dave Zita as other candidates for these openings.

Charlie is to put an ad on the town’s web site for a clerk of the commission

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 9:35 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Brad Ficken, as Clerk

52 Lyme St, Old Lyme, CT 06371  (860) 434-1605

Town Hall Hours  Monday - Friday: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM