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Harbor Management Commission Minutes 03/20/2018
Meeting Minutes
The Old Lyme Harbor Management Commission
SPECIAL MEETING / March 20, 2018


Regular Members Present: Bob Doyen, Bill Harris, John MacDonald, Mike Magee, Harry Plaut (ex-officio), Steven Ross

Absent:  Mark Beatty (alternate), Jeff Meinke, Tom Myer, Robert Falaguerra, Mike Mackey (ex-officio)

Guests:  Keith Neilson (Docko), David Provencher (Coastline Consulting), Alan Todd

Chairman Steven Ross called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.

a.       Clerks Report:  Approval of Minutes
Steven Ross moved to accept the minutes of Regular Meeting December 13, 2017 and Bob Doyen seconded the motion.  SO VOTED.

b.      Correspondence
1) Copy of letter and supporting documents from Docko to Krista Romero at DEEP
    regarding Doyen application for walkway

2) COP for Jonathan Rotolo (Back River) and Harry Gough (56 Meridan Road)
(Discussed and agreed that the COP for Harry Gough is not in the jurisdiction of the HMC.)

3) Permit approval by DEEP for Lisa Brault, Smith Neck Rd

c.       Treasurer’s Report:  Approval of Report for Dec 2017 – Feb 2018
Bill Harris presented the Treasurer’s Report for December 2017 through February 2018.  
Beginning Balance:  $25,550.99, Interest / Dividends: $59.45, Receipts: $50, Disbursements: $1,422.31, Ending Balance: $24,238.13. The Treasurer’s Report was accepted.

d.      Matters Relevant to the HMC at the State Level
There was nothing new to report.

a.              Alan Todd- resume discussion tabled at Dec. 2017 meeting
George Finley moved to table this discussion until next meeting as the HMC does not have waiver capability finalized at this time.  Mike Magee seconded the motion.  SO VOTED.  John MacDonald abstained.

b.      Rotolo application status – 1 Devitt Road
Keith Nelson reviewed the plan for the dock that originally consisted of a low wood walkway over the marsh and when the dock reached the mean high water line and where the marsh abruptly ended there was a 60 foot floating dock that was 4 feet wide and a 15 foot long by 4 foot wide hinged ramp.  Tried to get the DEEP to allow some portion of that original floating dock to stay, but they would not allow it.  It had to come out.  Docko is going through a request of modification with the DEEP now.  This makes the pier higher.  The HMC agreed that this new plan is not consistent with the Old Lyme Harbor Management Plan which was developed with, approved by, and negotiated with the DEEP.  Keith will call Krista and request that she contact Steven Ross to discuss the issue.

c.      DEEP Permit Consultation Form – Michael Francis, 81 Connecticut Road
Keith Neilson reviewed the proposed project for Michael Francis (81 Connecticut Road).  The DEEP has agreed to create a small “Living Shoreline” at this site which will restore the badly eroding river bank.  There was a discussion of how this would be accomplished.  Bob Doyen moved that the HMC approves of the design to create a “Living Shoreline” on the property of Michael Francis and that it is consistent with the Old Lyme Harbor Management Plan.  George Finley seconded the motion.  SO VOTED.

Keith Neilson updated the HMC on an issue with the Robert Doyen plan due to a complaint of ownership from a neighbor.  Bob Doyen has a letter from the Town Attorney confirming ownership of the property where the dock will be constructed.  He will forward this letter to Keith and Keith will send it to the person who has made the claim.

d.      Presentation:  David Provencher from Coastline Consulting
David Provencher presented a plan to the HMC regarding simple water access steps at the property located on 104 Hillcrest Road, Point O’Woods.  It is a General Permit Application and a sign-off from the HMC is not required.  The steps are 22 feet long and will exist below the Coastal Jurisdiction Line.  Steven Ross moved that the HMC approve the project as presented and finds no problems with the plan.  George Finley seconded the motion.  SO VOTED.  

e.      Discuss faulty approval of Lisa Brault Dock Permit, Smith Neck Road
Keith Neilson reviewed the Brault application (Smith Neck Road) status with the Commission.  Since the HMC’s approval of the plan in 2017, the DEEP has allowed for a modification of the dock design that includes a larger float size (from 100 square feet in the approved plan to 160 square feet). This change was not made known to this Commission. Keith asked if he could apply for a variance waiver once the waiver is implemented in the Old Lyme Harbor Management Plan.  Steven asked for Keith to promise that construction will not begin on the dock until this is resolved.  Keith assured the Commission of that. Keith will speak to Carol Szymanski at DEEP and make her aware of this issue and ask her to reach out to Steven Ross.  Keith will bring this to the next HMC meeting.

a.       Member Appointments
Opening for two Alternate Members
Jeff Meinke is now a full member and Mark Beatty has been appointed as an alternate.

b.      Pilgrim Landing – Mike Magee
Mike Magee updated the Commission with regard to the Lease Agreement between the Town and Rock River Association.  The Lease Agreement is being modified to reflect changes that the Association has asked for.  John MacDonald moved to approve the expenditure of funds, not to exceed $750, for materials for the construction of two new racks at Pilgrim Landing.  One rack will be for the use of the public, and the second rack will be for the sole use of the Rock River Association Members.  George Finley seconded the motion.  SO VOTED.

c.      Dinghy Dock – Mike Mackey
Steven Ross stated that he had spoken with Mike Mackey and that he reported that he has not heard back from Dave Peterson on the replacement of missing pins that secure the roller with bolts yet.

d.      Potential Public Access Site West Bank of Lt. River and Halls Road
Foot bridge across Lt. River - John MacDonald liaison with Halls Road Improvement Committee
Steven Ross reported that Bob Doyen, Ned Farman and that he (as Chairman of HMC has the authority to be on this committee) are a sub-committee for this project.  Joe Salvatore of the DOT assured them that the funds left over from the dredging project that total a little over $100,000 may be used on this new project.  Steven received today an email from Joe indicating that the HMC should go ahead and contract with someone to draw up a plan that includes an estimate of the funding that will be necessary to complete the project.  This plan would then be submitted to Joe to get the approval to develop an RFP.  George Finley moved, and Bill Harris seconded, that the sub-committee has the approval of the HMC to interview and come back to the Commission with a suggestion of who to contract to develop the RFP.  SO VOTED.

e.         Discuss proposed draft additions to Dock Standards HMC Plan Addendum Status of reply from DEEP
Steven Ross presented the newest draft to the members for review.  George Finley moved, and Bob Doyen seconded, to send this draft dated March 20, 2018 to David Blatt at the DEEP, and to ask for written approval from the DEEP.  This Addendum would then be presented to the Selectmen for their approval and referral to a Town Meeting for Town approval.  SO VOTED.

Harbor Master Report Harry Plaut and Mike Mackey
a.      Status of moorings unclaimed that were pulled in 2013-14
There are four available to sell.    

b.      Harbor Master recap of activity since last meeting – Harry Plaut
Harry Plaut reported that he has talked to several people regarding mooring permitting questions.  He has also enrolled in a Search and Rescue Class held in New London at the Coast Guard Station.

c.      Harbor Master Stipend Update
Harbor Master Stipend – back payment received, payments are current.

d.      Draft of Mooring Inspection Checklist and required procedure – Mike Mackey
Steven Ross reported that Mike Mackey is working on this.

a.      Request by Bonnie Reemsnyder to replace signs at Ferry Road Dingy Dock
There was a discussion.  Bob Doyen moved to approve two new signs not to exceed a cost of $250 to replace the present two signs at the Ferry Road Dingy Dock.  John MacDonald seconded the motion.  SO VOTED.  George Finley volunteered to get the new signs made.

There was a discussion about if a Town Building Permit was required for the construction of a dock.  Steven stated that he spoke with a Town representative, and that they had not issued building permits for docks.


Bob Doyen moved and Mike Magee seconded to adjourn the meeting at 8:55 PM.  

The next meeting of the HMC will be on April 10, 2018.

Submitted by,

Mary Ellen Garbarino (Clerk)

52 Lyme St, Old Lyme, CT 06371  (860) 434-1605

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