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Harbor Management Commission Minutes 09/12/2017
Meeting Minutes
The Old Lyme Harbor Management Commission
September 12, 2017


Regular Members Present: Bob Doyen, Ned Farman, Bill Harris, John MacDonald, Mike Magee, Tom Myer, Harry Plaut (ex-officio), Steven Ross

Absent: Robert Falaguerra, George Finley, Mike Mackey (ex-officio), Jeff Meinke (alternate)

Guests:  Keith Neilson (Docko), Alan Todd (100 Mile Creek Road)

Chairman Steven Ross called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.  

a.       Clerks Report:  Approval of Minutes
Bill Harris moved to accept the minutes of Regular Meeting July 11, 2017 and Ned Farman seconded the motion.  SO VOTED.

b.      Correspondence
Steven Ross reported on correspondence from Finance Director Nicole Stajduhar stating that there was still 100% of money left in the Commission’s 2017 / 2018 budget.  There is $6,000 budgeted for capital expense which was intended for rebuilding the dingy dock.

c.       Treasurer’s Report:  Approval of Report for July and August 2017  
Bill Harris presented the Treasurer’s Report for July and August 2017.  
Beginning Balance:  $24,303.84, Interest / Dividends: $38.61, Receipts: $1,975.00, Disbursements: $643.00, Ending Balance: $25,674.45. The Treasurer’s Report was accepted.

The Commission presented Harry Plaut with a gift card in appreciation for selling some of the abandoned moorings.  

d. Matters relevant to HMC at State level – Ned Farman        
Ned Farman reported that the Port Authority Office is moving to Old Saybrook located in the former Zhang’s Restaurant space in one of the units by the train station. There will be an open house planned for late afternoon September 20. There was a discussion about the grants that were dispensed via the Port Authority.

a.       Member Appointments
There is one current opening for an alternate member.

b.      Pilgrim Landing – Mike Magee
Negotiation with Rock River Assn for use of land to build additional boat racks
Mike Magee reported that Public Works had not cleaned up the area since the Memorial Day clean-up.  It was decided that it will be best to contact them when a clean-up needs to be done.  Mike has heard nothing more on the collaboration with the Rock River Association.  The Association was hoping that the Town would clean up the portion of land where their racks are, but the Town is not into cleaning private property.  Bonnie Reemsnyder will be meeting with Steven Ross on this matter in the very near future.

c.      Dinghy Dock – Mike Mackey
Mike Mackey was absent, but Steven Ross stated that there was nothing new on this matter.

d.      Potential Public Access Site West Bank of Lt. River and Halls Road
Foot bridge across Lt. River - John MacDonald liaison with Halls Road Improvement Committee
John MacDonald reported on the Halls Road Improvement Committee Public Forum Meeting held on August 8. The purpose of this meeting was two-fold.  The first was to discuss the areas of Halls Road Improvements that the committee had identified, and the other was to get feedback and input from the citizens on what ideas they had for improvements. John stated that overall there were a lot of good ideas tossed around.  There was a discussion, and the Commission thanked John for his well-done report.  This Commission’s tie-in to this project is the portion of land along old Hall’s Road up to the bridge abutment on the west side of Lt. River.

Steven Ross moved that the Commission hear from Keith Neilson of Docko regarding the dock belonging to Alan Todd of 100 Mile Creek Road.  Ned Farman seconded the motion.  SO VOTED.

Steven Ross reported that a complaint had been received on two issues regarding Mr. Todd’s dock and that Mr. Todd had rectified both items. Harbormaster Harry Plaut had presented photos taken with his drone showing that.  At this time, the Commission sees no outstanding violations.  
Keith Neilson spoke to the Commission about the boat lift on the property of Alan Todd (100 Mile Creek Road) including the reasons why the boat lift is now higher than originally planned, and differs from what was originally approved by the Harbor Commission.  Photos were shared with Commission members. The changes were approved by the DEEP, but had not been presented to the Harbor Commission, and these changes do not fit with the Town’s Dock Standards, and would be considered a violation of said standards. After much discussion, this item was tabled and will be included on next month’s Agenda.  

Harbor Master Report Harry Plaut and Mike Mackey
a.      Status of moorings unclaimed that were pulled in 2013-14
There are four available to sell.    

b.      Harbor Master recap of activity since last meeting – Harry Plaut
Harry Plaut explained the decals that he had received from the Coast Guard that could be put on boats by the owners that would identify the owner of each craft.  Mike Magee thought that the Commission should have some printed that would be more suitable to this Commission’s needs and more specific to Old Lyme Harbor Management.  There was a discussion and Steven Ross instructed Harry to ask the Coast Guard for 200 decals.

Harry reported that he had drafted a letter that will be sent to all approved mooring inspectors regarding insurance requirements, and Steven and Ned had edited it.  

Harry also reported that he had investigated the dock at 100 Mile Creek Road and taken photos with his drone.  He continues to look for payment from Mr. Perry Garvin at Hawks Nest Beach for mooring permits for the past two years.  A Notice of Violation letter was issued to Mr. Garvin regarding three moorings without permits at Hawk’s Nest for two years.  

Harry attended two classes on IEDs presented by the US Department of Homeland Security.  

Three illegal moorings were tagged, plus those belonging to Perry Garvin.  

c.      Harbor Master Stipend not paid by DOT Update
Steven Ross reported that he emailed Brian Thompson of the DEEP and that Brian promised to act on this quickly.  He agreed that Mr. Plaut had not been compensated for 29 days his first year (2014), had not been compensated the second year (2015). He was compensated for 2016 and 2017.  

d.      Inspection for moorings without permits
This was done and explained above.      

Applications for Docks, etc.
a.      Plan review of Dock Standards – 8 years since they were approved
Steven Ross did not feel that any changes needed to be done, but would like the Commission members to review the language on boat lifts before next meeting     

Steven Ross stated that in this report the Coast Guard is saying that the marker at the end of Black Hall River is missing.  Harry Plaut will contact Bob Falaguerra about contacting the Coast guard to inform them we are not renewing the permit of placing the marker any longer.


Bob Doyen moved and John MacDonald seconded to adjourn the meeting at 8:05 PM.  

The next meeting of the HMC will be on October 10, 2017.

Submitted by,

Mary Ellen Garbarino (Clerk)

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