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Harbor Management Commission Minutes 05/09/2017
Meeting Minutes
The Old Lyme Harbor Management Commission
May 9, 2017


Regular Members Present: Bob Doyen, Ned Farman, George Finley, Bill Harris, John MacDonald, Mike Mackey (ex-officio), Steven Ross

Absent: Robert Falaguerra, Mike Magee, Tom Myer, Jeff Meinke (alternate), Harry Plaut (ex-officio)

Guests:  Keith Neilson (Docko), Patrick Fay and Lauren Norwood (White Sand Beach)

Chairman Steven Ross called the meeting to order at 7:04 PM.  

a.       Clerks Report:  Approval of Minutes
George Finley moved to accept the minutes of Regular Meeting April 11, 2017 and John MacDonald seconded the motion.  SO VOTED.

b.      Correspondence

c.       Treasurer’s Report:  Approval of Report for April 2017  
Bill Harris presented the Treasurer’s Report for April 2017.  
Beginning Balance:  $22,759.68, Interest / Dividends: $14.12, Receipts: $475.00, Disbursements: $0, Ending Balance: $23,248.80. The Treasurer’s Report was accepted.

Steven Ross moved to place Public Comment at this point in the Agenda.  Ned Farman seconded the motion.  SO VOTED.

Patrick Fay (President of the White Sand Beach Association) spoke to the Commission and showed photographs of the remains of an old wooden jetty that is present on their beach and extends into the water.  Patrick is concerned about the hazard this presents.  He looked to the Commission for advice on what procedures the association must follow to remove it.  There was a discussion, and Steven Ross stated that he will contact Sue Bailey at the DEEP and get back to Patrick.

Lauren Norwood spoke to the Commission about a pipe that was in the water at White Sand Beach that her son had been injured on last summer.  The pipe had been removed.  At that time, Harry Plaut had responded to their questions and reported the incident to the Commission. The concern of the beach association members is what else could be in the water that cannot be seen, and what they could do to find any other hazards.  There was a discussion.  Keith Neilson of Docko recommended that they contact Nancy Byrne of Hydro Data as a resource, and Steven Ross suggested that they also speak with Coastline Consulting.  

Keith Neilson of Docko asked Steven Ross if he could meet with Brian Thompson of DEEP and himself in Hartford either Thursday afternoon or next Monday regarding the Robert Doyen dock application.  Steven stated that he will check his calendar at home and get back to Keith tomorrow.

Keith Neilson reported that pertaining to the dock application on the Filbert property, he had contacted the adjoining property owners, as was requested by the Commission.  Regarding the Marsh dock application, Keith had some questions on what the Commission had asked for, and it was determined that he had already provided what the Commission needed.

d.      Matters relevant to HMC at State level – Ned Farman
Ned Farman had nothing new to report.

a.       Member Appointments
There are two current openings for alternate members.

b.      Pilgrim Landing – Mike Magee
Mike Magee was not in attendance, but had reported on the work that Public Works did.  The Commission members greatly appreciated the exceptional job that Public Works did to clean up and groom Pilgrim Landing.  George Finley will draft a letter to Public Works with a copy to Bonnie Reemsnyder thanking them for doing such a great job.

c.      Dinghy Dock – Mike Mackey
Mike Mackey stated that the dock will go in soon.

d.      Potential Public Access Site West Bank of Lt. River and Halls Road
Foot bridge across Lt. River - John MacDonald liaison with Halls Road Improvement Committee
No updates were reported.  Steven Ross stated that finding money through grants has been made very difficult.  There was a discussion.

Harbor Master Report Harry Plaut and Mike Mackey
a.      Status of moorings unclaimed that were pulled in 2013-14 (6 available to sell)
This remains the same.   

b.      Harbor Master recap of activity since last meeting – Harry Plaut
Harry Plaut was not in attendance, therefore no report was given.  Steven Ross stated that he has asked Harry to write up something for Old Lyme Events as the deadline is this week.  Steven will follow up with Harry.

Mike Mackey reported that 54 mooring applications have been received, he has approved 41 and 13 have not been approved as inspection reports have not been filed.  He has been in touch with all 13 applicants, with some of the applicants stating that inspection reports would be done via Old Lyme Marina. Steven Ross will ask Harry Plaut to call Old Lyme Marina about this.

c.      Harbor Master Stipend not paid by DOT
Steven Ross stated that he had contacted the Governor’s Office again about this matter and a DEEP representative had gotten back to him with a promise to look into it.  This was formerly a responsibility of the DOT, but has been transferred to the DEEP.

Applications for Docks, etc.
a.      Plan review of Dock Standards – 8 years since they were approved
The Dock Standards have not been reviewed for eight years since they were adopted.  Steven Ross asked that each Commission member review them on the Town website and see if they have any recommendations for revisions.

George Finley stated that Old Lyme Shores was given a permit from DEEP to grade the beach and this is almost complete. George also reported that Sheffield Brook Phase 2 is still in progress.

PUBLIC COMMENT – Earlier in the Agenda        

John MacDonald moved and Ned Farman seconded to adjourn the meeting at  7:55 PM.  SO VOTED.

The next meeting of the HMC will be on June 13, 2017.  
Steven Ross will not be able to attend this meeting.

Submitted by,

Mary Ellen Garbarino

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