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Conservation Commission Minutes August, 2005
Conservation Commission Minutes 3 Aug 05

Present: Ellie Czarnowski, Mariette Brown, Mike Silberberg, George James, Tom Sherer, Janet Bechtel

Minutes from 6 Jul 05 accepted

Questa Builders, site walk 18 August 5 o’clock
Discussion of the location of the dumpster about moving it and it’s runoff away from the vernal pool.  Discussion of who is responsible for maintaining the drains.  Comments about drains throughout town needing maintenance.  Suggestion to plant a vegetative border instead of a fence.  Cherry trees won’t offer much shade.

Muller lot line adjustment
No problems with the adjustment being done at this time.

Town forum with Planning Commission attorney
Discussion of the open space acquisition process as outlined by Jim M. as well as the responsibility of planning to decide subdivision open space.  
Discussion of redrawing of lot line for lots 1 and 2.  Question as to who owns the back lots now?  Question about the “1 free split” rule.  Someone to ask Ann Brown.

As a result of the town forum and the situation with Aria to be purchased by the town as Open Space, Ellie asked the group if they want to pick up where things were left off.  The Selectmen did not make a reply to the letter from Open Space about the purchase.  Much discussion.  Decision to let Aria go for now because there is other property becoming available.  Lea Griswold property along the Black Hall golf course.  40 acres for 800,000 to be split with the golf course.

We read the ordinance for Open Space and Conservation Commission.  Discussion of what tasks should be done by Open Space Committee and what tasks to be done by Conservation Commission.  We agreed to discuss an overall management plan further.  Suggestion to have a joint meeting with Open Space.

PRCD and Zoning Commission meeting Monday night.  Mike and Ellie to attend and introduce the idea and ask for members interested in forming a subcommittee.

Ellie to draft a letter to Houssein Muhsin and invite him to present plans to the Conservation Commission. (Aria?)

Ellie to draft a letter to Howard Tooker’s developer to present plans to the Conservation Commission.

Discussion of re-planting rules and charges for non-compliance.

Discussion of pervious services for parking or driveways.

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