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Stay Safe Tonight
Update from Eversource
Widespread damage, such as hundreds of broken poles, fallen trees tangled with electric wires, damaged transformers and thousands of feet of downed wires and service lines are making this a complex restoration.  
Eversource has restored power to more than 229,000 customers since late Sunday night.
Presently, about 58,000 customers are without power.  
Eversource Community Relations is working closely with community officials to identify and address local priorities, including power restoration to schools.  
Areas in eastern Connecticut and along the coast, where restoration includes rebuilding portions of the electric system, is estimated to be restored by Thursday, November 2, 2017, at noon.  
Customers are encouraged to sign up to receive storm updates on power outages in the channel of their choice (text, email, phone call) at   

By activating text alert notifications, customers are also enrolling to report a power outage by text and receive status updates.
-- Text "OUT" to 23129 to report an outage.
-- Text "STAT" to 23129 to receive a status update.

Halloween Safety
Before you hit the sidewalks on Halloween, make sure that your family gets the most out of the day by playing it safe.  
So in addition to heeding conventional Halloween safety advice, please be mindful of traffic and wear bright colors.  
Stay away from downed tree limbs and power lines, avoid neighborhoods with no power and stick with short costumes that won’t get caught in debris from trees or slippery wet leaves.  
Please make every effort to use driveways, sidewalks and walkways as to avoid yards with potential tree limbs and debris.  
If you’re in an area where fallen trees, flooding streets and loose electrical wires threaten to make it difficult or dangerous to trick-or-treat, please don’t hesitate to do the smart thing and stay in this Halloween.

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